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Why Magnolias Productions?

Creating stunning videos takes an entire cast of characters. The Magnolias Productions team includes seasoned videographers, photographers, aerial drone operators, digital marketing specialists, and editing and special effects experts all local to the Victoria and Vancouver region. We have the skills, equipment, and drive to create videos that exceed your goals and expectations.

  • Local videographers to the Victoria and Vancouver region
  • Largest in-house video production team on Vancouver Island
  • Working with you to supplement your marketing team
  • Helping build brands and trust with a proven video process
  • Custom videos catered to each and every platform

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Video Production Made Easy

Using a Team of Local Videographers in Vancouver & Victoria


Not every video needs a full “storyboard”, but they do need a rough plan. We will work with you to brainstorm and outline your next video, so that we can produce exactly what you had envisioned.


Our team prides itself on being available on short notice. We are all local and ready to be at your project quickly. Once you are scheduled, now its time to prepare for shoot day!


We arrive with all of our equipment, as well as backup cameras. Typically, we only have one chance to arrange a video shoot with all the moving parts and people required. So we come prepared to execute your video.


Editing and turn around time depends on each unique video. The amount of colour grading, sound design, animation and footage all factors into your final product. Once it is done, now its time to post to your platforms and capture your audience.

Create More Engagement

There’s nothing like a high-quality video to get people watching, interacting, and sharing. Bring storytelling and emotion to your brand with high-quality video production services.


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Video Production FAQ

What is the production process?

To get your video just right, we need to follow a tried-and-true process. This starts with planning and pre-production. Once we have a strategy, we’ll move into the production process. Finally, your video will go through a rigorous editing and special effects process to put the final touches on.

Which type of video do I need?

The type of video that will suit you best depends on your needs. If you’re a business looking for branding videos for social media, we may want to focus on corporate culture or explainer videos. If you have an upcoming event, we can look at a fully branded video with a cinematic flair.

What’s the level of investment?

What are your goals? Every video requires a different level of planning, care, time, equipment, and experts. We can work within specific budget ranges to ensure your received videos that fully meet your goals and provide you with an excellent long-term return on investment.

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